Why Matilda lands?

The Matildic Lands, for those who are not already familiar with the Reggio Emilia area, represent a highway exit that blends in with the thousands of others on Italy’s A1 sunshine highway.

Behind this name, however, lies a whole world made up of stories, made up of people who from the days of the dames to the e-bikes of today represent the true cradle of Reggio.
Even just to describe all the treasures that are hidden here would not be enough a lifetime as the list of discoveries that can be made is as long as the history that has passed through here.

Ancient and modern history intertwined in the Reggio Emilia area

Canossa and the entire province more generally preserve memories of all the major historical periods that occurred from the fossils that abound in the gullies to the Roman period, from Matilda’s Canossa to the Reggio Estense, from the partisan risings to the Calatrava bridges.
History in Reggio flows as slowly as the waters of the Crostolo River, and precisely because of this natural flow of it, it has been easy here more than in other areas to see innovation and tradition coexisting, manifesting themselves in both historical-naturalistic and eno-gastronomic legacies.

The province of Reggio stands out for its rich food and wine tradition

For let us not forget that Reggio was the mother of the Tricolor, provincial and Italian pride, it was also the birthplace of Erbazzone and Parmigiano Reggiano, saw the first bottle of Spergola and Lambrusco popped and filled the first plate of cappelletti.

A land of beauty, good food and ready to welcome with its still authentic territories and genuine experiences

Reggio’s tables are as rich in deliciousness as its hills are in castles and gullies, and discovering Reggio means not only taking a walk on the Bismantova Stone or in the Mediopadana station but also sitting in an osteria and preparing to loosen your belt.

While geographic boundaries are clearly distinguishable on a map, they never correspond to the actual vastness of the world that these boundaries delimit, and that is precisely why, taking the fortress of Canossa as a starting point, it is possible to uncover and reveal the entire province of Reggio by going to unearth all the secrets it hides, all the activities that take place here, and all the people who have something that makes them unique, which, fortunately, or for that matter, lambrusco, is never lacking in Reggio!