About REscover

REscover, discovering local excellence in the province of Reggio

We are a local business that aims to highlight the beauty and history of the Matilda area and beyond.
Discover the enchanting artistic, cultural and scenic heritage through unique experiences in the lands of Matilda of Canossa, nearby villages and local businesses.
REscover is not a travel agency, it is a digital platform that allows you to connect directly with local excellence in the area.


The name Rescover was born from the conjunction of Reggio Emilia and Discover or (Re)discover Reggio Emilia.
Implicit in the name is our Mission: to make known and to re-discover the matildic territories of the province of Reggio Emilia to the whole world, places full of history, culture and charm. With us you will live authentic, unforgettable experiences responsibly undertaken by our local partners.

Our values


We have been developing partnerships with local businesses in the Matilda region that will give you unique, rare, high-quality experiences that you won’t easily find elsewhere.


We guarantee you the highest quality and transparency in all the services we offer, we are always at your disposal for any necessity.


Is the way we operate, meant to feed your desire to discover new things and unexpected magical places, such as the village of Votigno, the castle of Canossa, the hills of the matildic lands, and so much more.


Is the feeling we want to bring you in all the experiences you will have with us, the #reggioexperience will leave you speechless. we want to surprise you with unexpected and unique activities in our area!

Discover the matildic territory